Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout

i moved to los angeles last wednesday. i said a tearful goodbye to my faithful puppy and my mother and set off for sunny california with my good ole' dad. upon arrival i realized instead of packing sheets and towels, i probably should have brought a collapsable arc. yes, you probably saw it on the news, southern california almost fell into the ocean this week. at work, our main source of entertainment was standing in a warm, dry edit bay watching people cross the street. when three or four feet of calf-deep water fills both parking lanes you can really see creativity blossom in your co-workers. take josh, the new post coordinator. josh thought he could outwit the river formerly known as lankershim blvd. josh wore flip flops and rolled his pants up before he even left his car. his co-workers cried out in dismay when they saw josh had planned ahead. it's no fun watching prepared people cross the street. but, as josh entered the rushing water, the audience saw a look of horror cross his face. as he emerged from parking lane #1 josh sadly watched his flip flops float towards the los angeles river. he scrambled barefoot across the street. poor, poor josh. mwahahahah.

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Anonymous said...

The water spout being . . . LA? And P.S. I can't believe you KNEW there were coyotes!