Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

plane and simple

my new favorite mode of transportation is the airplane. i obviously have no talent for driving, so i have been discussing (with myself) the feasibility of buying a jet. i mean, i have a job now and i really love this side of the country more than the other, so it makes sense to have an airplane at my beck and call. i obviously cannot rely on the major airlines anymore... their time constraints are cramping my style. take sunday morning. betsy and i woke up at 10 and i checked my flight itinerary... surprise! my one o'clock flight was actually at 11! damn those extra digits. betsy threw my bag into the car and broke several hundred traffic laws to get me to logan by 10:20. luckily i was not checking any baggage so they did not mind my tardiness. anyway, contributions to my flight school fund will be accepted in cash or candy donations. cash is preferred at the moment as i just received the estimate for the rental car incident.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And forth she goes.

I haven't blogged in approximately 85 years because annoying things keep happening to me and distracting me. For example, every morning I seem to wake up in a place where they expect me to read and write and do Latin from dawn til dusk. I wouldn't mind if this happened a few times a week, but it inexplicably occurs every single day. Why don't I ever wake up in Fiji or Tuscany or to a nice winter morning in Finland? If I did I would be a five-star blogger, let me tell you. I would blog your socks off.

Some mornings, of course, are worse than others. Let us take today as an example. Yesterday I turned in my last paper and finished, printed, and bound my thesis. And I was so relieved because all I had left was my Latin exam at one o'clock today, and I've studied enough not to feel like it's my fault if I do badly. So I was lying in bed after my alarm went off thinking, and this is an exact quote: "I'm so glad I don't have to write anything analytical for a whole month. SO GLAD."

Ten minutes later, I checked my e-mail and discovered a message from one of my professors saying that in the paper I handed in yesterday, I did not answer both questions and could I please just do a short paper on the first one and hand it in? And I almost wept in awe of the gargantuan size of my stupidity.

If I had woken up in Finland this morning, this would not have happened.

Friday, December 03, 2004

as seen on tv

my good friend amanda scored some extra tickets to the taping of "VH1 Big in '04" on wednesday and graciously invited me to attend. after finagling my way out of class, i trekked over to the shrine auditorium with amanda, megan and george. let me tell you, awards shows are very dissapointing in person. the red carpet has like three rows of people lined up to watch, but they manage to make it look like thousands... the actual arrivals are dull and the show took forever to start. when it finally started it was pretty cool. it definitely didn't have the same kind of energy they will make it have on television, BUT there were definitely some highlights. 1. the cast of arrested development was there... go arrested development. 2. black eyed peas, green day, maroon5, and velvet revolver performed- excellent. 3. our seats sucked. we were in the third balcony but we stumbled upon awards show secret #1... people don't stay for the whole thing. as the night wore on and nick lachey was sounding cornier and cornier the balcony emptied out pretty quickly. by the end we were right up front. yea for being up front. 4. now the really awesome thing about being so close was jamie foxx showed up and started talking to all of us. yes. jamie foxx. it was random. he introduced stevie wonder from the balcony and walked right by us to get to the stage... yes, we might be on television! so, tune in to the last twenty minutes of vh1 big in '04 sunday night for my possible television debut... you might see my hands or something. the show really is funny though, so watch... if not for me, then to see anna nicole try to take her top off on national television.