Monday, October 30, 2006


Today I am a year older than I was this time last year. I realize that that is always true, but today it is more true than on other days. My financial man, Peter, whom we met in an earlier post, and whom we're all glad to know has not yet absconded to Mexico with my money although he has so far lost me thirteen dollars and one cent, which means I can't have those used, grape-flavored orthopedic shoes I was so looking forward to, sent me a birthday card. (Perhaps to make up for ruining my future.) On the front it has a picture of the sun rising out of a blue banana. Or a bunch of multi-colored bananas. Or perhaps it is of multi-colored bananas hugging a tomato with spikes. Perhaps the tomato is dressed up for Halloween. Perhaps it is dressed up as a pineapple. The picture is by Terry Frost and does not have a title, but it was painted in 1989 and that is informative enough, really. I can't see the influence of Cornwall on his work, but who am I to judge? In the opinion of Óláfr, for example, it is “excavatory, immersive, a contraction of the spirit, a descent,” so there you go. To each his own.

My car dealership also sent me a card. It did not compare.

There was some other stuff relating to updates but now I forgot them. Oh right. Please notice the Halloween theme. I would like to thank Matt for the use of his sensitive and evocative photograph of the glow-in-the-dark skeletons and ringwraith look-a-likes and scary, scary hedgehogs. Few people could have portrayed a glowing green femur with such truth. I think Óláfr might have described this, also, as “excavatory, immersive, a contraction of the spirit, a descent” if I could drag him away from Terry Frost.

Also, it is getting colder. My mum's mums look like this now:

Erm. Little Robin Redbreast. He is still there. He is still saying "Weeee!" It is how he copes. "Weeee!" he says to the driving wind and the sleet and snow in which he will soon be buried. He is a hero, is our Little Robin Redbreast.

Well, this seems like it should be done now. Almost none of this has been about genuine updates. I don't know why I thought I had things to update. It must have turned into Old News while I was busy not posting. That's irking. Update: I am irked. And I have a new hat. There. Not one but two true updates. Now I am done.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Someone's Not a Fan of Anne of Green Gables

"How's Fin?"
"you mean, Gil?"
"yeah, Gil... I knew it was a fish part."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gilbert P. Kitten: Cute

When I first mentioned to Simon I was getting a kitty and that I was going to name it Gil she said "great, and then you can make it business cards that say 'Gilbert P. Kitten: Cute'". I do not think she was taking me seriously. But Gilbert P. Kitten has arrived and he has finally come out from under the bed.

The first order of business was to introduce him to the hedgehogs. Since I do not own an actual Simon and Ivan set, I had to introduce him to the animatronic hedgehog Simon sent me for my 22nd birthday.

They are going to get along famously.

Other than eating, sleeping and attending hedgehog themed social events, Gil's favorite activities are playing with a green ribbon, chasing a ball around the apartment and attacking my feet. His current mission in life is to find out what exactly the computer does and his method of examination involves stepping on all the keys and batting at the letters as they appear in the blogger window. The off-chance that I will get tired and allow him to continue his experimentation is the only reason he is cuddling with me as I type.

Welcome to the hedgehog family, Gilbert P. Kitten. Two gold stars and some chocolate to anyone that can tell me what the P stands for.