Saturday, June 11, 2005

Full of Errors andn PAthos

My kybard has not been working properly for some timme now. A fewe day ago, I took about 65% of th keys off and cleaned undr rthem. There was an incredibl amount of dust. And hair. And crummbs. It was disgusting. I cleand it all out. For the rest of that day, even my delete key and down-arrow key weere fully operational. The next day,, it was alll back to itis usual tricks. Doubling ltters. Skipping letters. Inserting a ltter five seconds after I type it into sosmething three words down. I cannot express the evl of aggravation i a feelling. I wonder if Ombelin is getting revengefor that llong period in which I calld her "it" becaus i didn't know if she was th samme computer (see earlir post on Ombeline). Or maybe she is slowly killing herself so that sh can join my xternal hard drive in lectronic heaeven. At the end of school, th hard driv started mmaking wookiee sounds. It was funny, but not really. Or maybe it is th haet. It was 97 in the sun at tn o'clock this mmorning. That's ridicuous.

The point isi, I rersent the fact that my keyboard is making me look like I amm not the quality English ajor that I lik to pretendn I am. Ombeline, whatver I did, I a sorry. Pleas stop boycottingn mm.

P.S. I wouldlik to add: typing in passwords is hell. Please excuse mme if I don't read/respond to your -mail. It's bcaus I ca't gt into th dammn account.


.Maeve said...

i feel ombeline is trying to send you a message -- but what does incomprehensibility *mean*?
what time is it when your keyboard stops working? time to get a new ....

The Anonymous Hedgehog said...

I suppose Ombeline's incomprehensibility might *mean* that she's actually quite advanced and is trying to show us that she would like to see a return to a world where we concentrate less on rules and more on *feelings.* Perhaps she thinks errors give writing a more immediate, more genuine feel. It's postmodern. It is the age in which we filter our communication through computers, and Ombeline is trying to show us how technology is affecting the written word. She is reminding us that badly-spelt English is the language of SHAKESPEARE.

Ombeline is a smartass.