Thursday, August 25, 2005


so i turned 22 on monday and it made me realize that i hate life and my job and my apartment and my car and los angeles and anyone and everyone i've ever encountered here (not including ellen degeneres, she seemed nice). so in the spirit of sanity, i'm cutting back on one of my jobs and purging my life of everything irksome. it's strange because i'm simultaneously on the brink of self destruction and bored out of my mind. things have to change. i need a tattoo or a piercing or some blue hair. maybe i'll paint my room or learn to sew or just ask someone to add another dent to my car. maybe i'll just move back home and live in the basement of my parents house and sneak out to buy beer and fancy cakes with simon.

that would be quite nice.


The Anonymous Hedgehog said...

(1) I'm sure your parents wouldn't make you live in the basement. (2) If they do, I have a refrigerator box you can have. (3) The box is definitely big enough to hoard at least a 3x3-foot stockpile of Fancy Cakes. (4) I think working less and getting more sleep will make you feel somewhat better. (5) If it doesn't, we should take our adventures on the road to, like, New York, because I can't find a job in this ridiculously small "city" and am slowly dyyyying. (6) Or you could paint your room/skin, that sounds like fun. (7) Don't go nuts. At least not permanently. At least not before I send your package. They probably won't let you have mail in the institution. (8) Um, happy birthday. Ellen Degeneres smiled at you, so you must be pretty great, and great people deserve happy birthdays.

MGDub said...

New York is definitely the way to go. Then you can join me in my exciting life of putzing around my apartment and going to KMart five times a day to avoid doing work and freaking out about having no friends. On the upside, I've discovered a tasty cream puff place around the corner from my apartment.

Happy belated birthday! And I hope year 22 holds better things for you.