Monday, September 26, 2005

You Can Never Go Home

I: What are you up to this weekend?
J: Oh, going to Santa Cruz, see my family.
I: Awesome, you're so lucky. I would kill to go and sleep in my old room right now.
J: Yeah, it's not that great. They gave my room to the turtle.
I: The turtle?
J: Yeah. The turtle. She crawled in there one winter to hibernate and they just let her move in. They yell at me when I try and open the door. "Do NOT disturb the turtle!"
I: Wow. Your parents gave your room to a turtle. Those things live a long time, too.
J: Yup, at least another 40 years till she dies...
I: Gave your room to a turtle. You know what this means?
J: They don't love me?
I: Yeah, pretty much... but have a good weekend anyway!

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The Anonymous Hedgehog said...

That almost happened to me, but with my mom's cello.