Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Missing

The pasta strainer went missing just after the new year. I was annoyed for six or seven days but I got over it and started using a slotted spoon. And then the pasta strainer magically reappeared and I find myself wondering what exactly one of the roommates was doing with a pasta strainer, in their room, for sixteen days. For all I know they've been using it to strain stray hairs out of their bathtub or as a planter for whatever strange fungi grows on their side of the apartment. A pasta strainer should never leave the kitchen. It serves no purpose other than to drain water off your soggy noodles... Either way, not knowing where it's been makes me never ever want to use it again. I've been thinking about building a cage since it's now unfit to drain food. I will rig the pasta strainer so every time that stupid cat comes near my room it will drop Mouse Trap style and teach the damn thing a lesson. Yes. That is what I must do.


Simon said...

Yeah, that's seriously suspicious. I wouldn't use it again. I would buy another and keep it in my room, and only bring it out to use, and fit it with maybe some kind of electric barbed-wire fence so no one else could touch it without being really sorry afterwards.

Matthew said...

Agreed, also, with the sketchiness towards using it again. Well, for anything other than the Mouse-Trap-like device, which I think sounds wonderful and hilarious. If you do it, I demand photos ^_^