Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I will soon become a shipper, like them.

Right now I am downloading music videos made by West Wing fans featuring certain star-crossed West Wing characters. But the songs are so bad I have to mute them, so really I am just downloading silent film clips. I am, in effect, collapsing a pretty intelligent drama into a soap opera of heartbreak and tragedy, of hyper-expressive eye movements and ten different shades of repression, and, oddly enough, a lot of people looking spiffy in outerwear.

It's so great!

I think this is what they call "the first step in a long downward spiral into fangirldom." It's very much like the wraithing pro-cess, only instead of passing into the shadow world, I'll just get really, really annoying. The next thing that will happen is I'll "delurk" and start posting on shipper threads in West Wing forums. Under a name like "JealousofJaMo." Then I'll start saying "squee" a lot. In a fit of delerium -- a smack high, you might say -- it will come to me that editing together a string of fairly random, low-res clips and laying a Celine Dion ballad over it is the best idea I've ever had. That will be hitting rock bottom.

This is all Ivan's fault. I specifically remember her saying to me, one prophetic day in high school, "You should become a speech writer like Sam Seaborn. Have you ever seen The West Wing?"

Thanks, Ivan. Super. NOW I AM A SLAVE TO ITS WILL.


Ivan said...

for real? and will you post these movies for all of us to watch? and can I just mention, my coworker worked on west wing for awhile and he's totally hooked. I heard him whispering to a friend on the phone Monday morning "yeah, josh and donna totally made out. it was great"

Simon said...


Katie P. said...

AHHHH. So you're telling me that despite not being able to talk to me because of "work" you were able to download and watch scary fan videos...
We should create our own white house staff. Simon's Sam, I'll take CJ unless someone else had called her already.
My mom's here this week, so I'm just HOPING that I can convince her to watch. Although I made her start with season one at Christmas and wouldn't tell her anything, so season 7 may be a bit out of sequence.

Simon said...

Yeah, skipping to season 7, especially considering the huge leaps and bounds last week, would be like being in an alternate universe. you have to build up the excitement about things like sam coming back by having lived without him for three years. squee.

Katie P. said...

OHhhhhhh. Maybe Sam will take Leo's spot. Probably not, but what made me think of it is this Sunday is the first without Leo. *sad squeeeee* But maybe the two sets of star-crossed lovers will get everything worked out (or 3? does the couple that isn't a couple but we know becomes a couple count?) Ah the suspense. *romantic and excited squeeee*

Simon said...

i don't want to think about leo not being there. but i don't mind thinking about all our star-crossed lovers. do you sam and ainsley and/or malory count? except i think malory's supposed to be married. in that case, i vote for ainsley, i identified with her love for pastries.

when i said and/or up there i really meant just or. because not even sam is allowed to be a polygamist. he's too upstanding for that anyway.

Katie P. said...

My star-crossed lover count did not include Sam and whoever although that could be interesting. Is Ainsley supposed to come back? And can dead people come back? Cause that would be really neat. (albeit freaky)
I was thinking of:
Josh and Donna
Zoey and Charlie
CJ and Danny

Simon said...

Part of me wants to pair up Sam up with Josh. Hee.