Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Abbie: The Decagenarian Edition

Today my puppy turned ten years old. For a present, I gave her some of my leftover chicken from dinner. It took a lot of forethought and careful planning. Happy birthday, Abbie! Just kidding. I gave her ice cream, too. That didn't take careful planning either, but it is much more rare.

Below you will find several pictures of my Abbie-gabbie when she was just a wee fuzzball with enormous paws and very, very sharp teeth. I know they were sharp because they nipped my behind on a number of occasions. Abbie and I had something of a power struggle in the early years, back when she was a demonic terror, but I won because I am bigger and I bite too. Ha!

Demon Hound
Devourer of Ankle Flesh
Convicted Behind-Nipper
She Wants to Gnaw Your Leg Off
Since the Reign of Terror depicted in these hair-raising photographs, Abbie has grown into a delightful and well-adjusted family pet who says please, thank you, and excuse me, and can quote T.S. Eliot at length. She has also grown into what Ivan has on more than one occasion described as a "Shetland pony". This has gone on for some time, even after we got that thyroid problem fixed, and I would like to settle the question once and for all.

This is Abbie:

This is a Shetland pony:

If you don't know this is not a Shetland pony, we are no longer speaking.

Point is: Abbie is obviously Abbie, not a Shetland pony! Also, my mother does not bind her feet! But Ivan's questionable sense of proportion is another matter altogether, and the subject for another, possibly lengthy, blog. It is now time to close. With more pictures of Abbie. Because I have a lot, and damn if you aren't going to be eventually forced to see them ALL.

Abbie: Beach Party Edition
Abbie: Splish Splash Edition
Abbie: Genius Edition
Abbie: Inexpressibly Cute Edition


Ivan said...

favorite abbie moment: when i came to visit and she was so excited she ran down the driveway as fast as she could not realizing she was still on her leash. i've never seen a dog fly through the air like that. normally i hate horses, but abbie is the cutest pony i've ever met.

Simon said...

Yeah, you know why I didn't put up a picture of a Shetland pony? Because the pony colts looked, uh, about the same size as Abbie. And before you say AHA you should compare said pony colt to Duncan, your own giant beast. The hair counts as body mass.

.Maeve said...

i saw shetland ponies today at the munich zoo. they were in the petting section. i bet abbie is cleaner.

Simon said...

She is so totally cleaner. I have heard stories of the Shetland ponies at the Munich zoo. How infrequently they bathe. How they live in a zoo. And such. Soooo dirty.

Matthew said...

My favorite long-walks while chewing our respective bones companion! How I wish I had known her back when she was a beast. Three cheers for Abbie! and all her studies on human-behavior in the basement