Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter!

My mother sends me gifts on fake holidays. Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving... Her season themed packages make the 12 months of summer (seriously people, 75 and sunny gets old) pass a little easier. For example: October. I close the blinds, turn up the AC, set my gifts of indian corn and mini pumpkins on the table, light my "autumn spice" candle and imagine the leaves falling... then I pack up and go to the beach.

So, thank Bob for Mom, but she doesn't like to send the same thing year after year. For example, Valentine's Day 2006. I got the obligatory chocolates and a card and a rice crispie treat coated in white chocolate and mini hearts, stuck on a popsicle stick. It actually came labeled "Heart Coated Crispie Rice Pop". Let me tell you, I thought good and hard before eating that one.

And today my Easter package arrived. So excited! A Spring themed holiday. Who knows, maybe she sent some crocuses! Or dirty snow! Maybe some damp earth mixed with easter eggs! Mother did not disappoint.
Easter themed Jelly Belly's ,
A pretty Daisy lolly-pop,


wait for it ... wait for it ...


because NOTHING says "Jesus has Risen" like an edible mobile. Sadly, mother forgot about the east coast/west coast temperature disparity. It hit 80 here yesterday and leaving chocolate on my front stoop for two hours was the equivalent of leaving a VHS tape in your car in the middle of august. Tragedy. I tried to pawn it off on my coworkers, but they all made lame comments like "I don't need to make a call", "what does a melty phone have to do with Easter", and "I'm fasting for passover... put me on hold 'til noon then I will try it."

All in all, it was a fantastic Easter present. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go draw the blinds, dye some eggs and pretend it's raining.

Happy Easter!


simon said...

because NOTHING says "Jesus has Risen" like an edible mobile

this is going to be my away message for the next YEAR.

Angela said...

If I have to hear you complain about 75 and sunny ever again, I am going to stuff a road snow ball up your face. Love, Ang.

Matthew said...

I can imagine the 12 months of summer get old, but right now I'd think I'd take that for awhile over Rochester spring. :P As for the VHS-in-car-in-August ... I can personally testify that I think the chocolate cell phone might've fared better, based on how my copy of "The Little Mermaid" looked that day. *sniff sniff*