Saturday, July 01, 2006


I startled a rogue possum. No one mentioned possum cohabitation in the lease. In four months of Valley living I haven't seen roadkill let alone live possum. The extent of my Burbank wildlife experience was when Miku got herself stuck in the car.

And now the possum is hiding under that very car. I think it has a friend in the tree. And another one in the fence vines. So I'm sitting here, blogging in fear. Fear that when I walk past the car the possum will dart out and attach it's fangs to my achilles tendon with a ferocity only nocturnal rodents can muster. Even the cat went inside. I'm getting hungry.


Simon said...

Are they vicious, possums? (Possi?) I've never met one face to face. Perhaps if you invite it in to tea, it will be your friend and sit on your shoulder like a parrot on a pirate. And if you could train it to talk, all the better. They already apparently know how to play dead (though only when threatened). (I've just read a whole lot about possums in an attempt to discover whether possum should really be 'possum because of its being a shortened form of opossum, but then I discovered that the word was at first spelled a million different ways when rendered phonetically from Algonquin or something, so I feel not using an apostrophe is justified on account of it being an example of the evolution of language.)

Anyway, maybe we could work possums into a hit tv show. Really, we have to take advantage of your being in LA.

Katie P. said...

Ohh ohh. It could be like Real World, but with a few possums and a few people. And you could call it "Cohabitation with Possums." Wait. Somehow that just doesn't sound quite as catchy.

.Maeve said...

"Catullus Possaque Sua"?

Simon said...

I thought Catallus had already signed with the Victorians for the Roman-Victorian Comedy Hour. But if we can fit Catullus, Victorians, AND possums into the same show, I think we've got a real Emmy-winner on our hands, especially if we can work out some way for the audience to vote on something periodically throughout the broadcast.