Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Many Happy Returns, Ivn

Today is Ivan's birthday. Happy Birthday Ivan! To celebrate, I would like to take a look back at an artist's representation of Ivan as a young hedgehog with her friend Simon, who happens to be the artist in question.

By Lindsy I meant Ivan; Lindsy was just a funny name we all used to call her by. Apparently at this age I did not know whether the vowel before the Y was supposed to be an A or at E, so I left it out entirely. Using this logic I will refer to Ivan as Ivn for the duration of this post.

This picture is evidence that though Ivn and I now have a friendship based on Reeses Pieces, Tiny House colonies, a strange interest in Richard Taylor, and Anne of Green Gables, we first bonded over sharing the same terrible disease, a condition called I Have One Disproportionately Huge Shoulder, And So Does Everyone I Draw.

Fortunately, Ivn and I are both cured.

And, irritatingly, I must now go to work and finish this post later.

In the meantime, have a super birthday, Ivn, and congratulations on not having that one huge shoulder anymore.


Ivan said...

we were six, and you were already keeping a daily journal with artistic embellishments and perfect handwriting, i am proud to have you as a friend <3

Simon said...

i'm glad my not knowing how to spell your name doesn't damage your opinion of me. also that you don't mind that i drew you with an enormous shoulder. and now that I think of it, a club foot as well. in fact, we both look like we are developing elephantitis with a side effect of giving everything a perpetual thumbs-down. ...ummmm happy birthday!

in actuality i feel it's quite generous of you not to have disowned me by now.

Ivan said...

looking at that date, you were seven. i could totally spell kt by the time i was seven. i don't know what your problem was. i'm rethinking our friendship as we speak.

Ivan said...

erm, type. as we type.

Simon said...

i'm rethinking pointing out all of my flaws just then. that was dumb.