Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gilbert P. Kitten: Cute

When I first mentioned to Simon I was getting a kitty and that I was going to name it Gil she said "great, and then you can make it business cards that say 'Gilbert P. Kitten: Cute'". I do not think she was taking me seriously. But Gilbert P. Kitten has arrived and he has finally come out from under the bed.

The first order of business was to introduce him to the hedgehogs. Since I do not own an actual Simon and Ivan set, I had to introduce him to the animatronic hedgehog Simon sent me for my 22nd birthday.

They are going to get along famously.

Other than eating, sleeping and attending hedgehog themed social events, Gil's favorite activities are playing with a green ribbon, chasing a ball around the apartment and attacking my feet. His current mission in life is to find out what exactly the computer does and his method of examination involves stepping on all the keys and batting at the letters as they appear in the blogger window. The off-chance that I will get tired and allow him to continue his experimentation is the only reason he is cuddling with me as I type.

Welcome to the hedgehog family, Gilbert P. Kitten. Two gold stars and some chocolate to anyone that can tell me what the P stands for.


Simon said...

Oh my gosh. Too cute. I want daily photo updates. I am extremely cat-deprived. STARVED for kittens, you might say.

I cannot think of any good names that start with P. I regret picking that letter, for I shall never have two gold stars now.

Ivan said...

starved. oh that's just terrible ;-)

MGDub said...

Surely the P is a typo. It should be a B for Blythe :)

Matthew said...

... My brain seems to be seeped with Simon&Ivan-related information because, no joke, the first "P" that came to mind was "Panciera."

My ACTUAL guess is "peculiar" but really it should be AWESOME because that's what Gilbert sure does look like! How cool!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww he's soooooo cute!!!! how old is he?

i have no idea what the 'p' stands for other than the fact that it gives him a cutey little name. :)

Ivan said...

Honestly, I think the "naming of the P" responsibility falls to Simon. Her birthday present will be withheld until a suitable middle name has been supplied. mwhahahaha

Katie P. said...

Matt, I feel honored. I know I have made it when my P is being held up as the P standard for the world. Although I don't even know if Ivan knows what the p in simon p stands for.
Also, I'm with should be Blythe.
And kittens are cute.

Also, how great is this? The thing I need to type to get me to post is mrfry. Which makes me think of Stephen Fry and therefore Jeeves and Wooster and Quite Interesting.

Simon said...

This one is for Ivan: I gave you the initial; it is now your job to figure out what it means. I still can't think of anything that starts with P -- aside from Piccolomini, as in Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, a.k.a. Pope Pius II. Unfortunately the reason I thought of it is it is the name of one of my former professor's cats. There really can't be two cats named after Pius II, so I don't recommend it. However, Pius III is open. Has Gil been showing any religious tendencies? Or, does he compose poetry or ask permission to paint narrative murals on your walls? Has he ever called for a crusade? You should watch for these symptoms of holiness in case nobody ever thinks of anything better than "Pius III."

And this one is for Katie P.: Did you know Stephen Fry has a book on poetry out? It seems like it would be great but I will probably forget and never read it. Anyway, you reminded me.

Ivan said...

I think the P will stand for Pluto, in honor of the former planet. Looks like I will be keeping my gold stars. Maybe I can affix them to Gil's collar.

Simon said...

And all I had to do was threaten you with Pius III.