Sunday, December 17, 2006


Its been a little dry here for the past month or so. Every time I get out of my car I'm administered an electric shock so powerful it leaves my fingers tingling long after I exit the garage-- and the shocks don't end with the car. It must be my electric personality because whatever I touch in the apartment seems to send out sparks as well.

Unfortunately, the first thing I usually lay my hands on when I come home is the kitten. The routine is as follows: Gil pokes his head out from under my bed covers, confirms it is me and not the "League of Evil Kitten Eaters" come to fry him up, and then he purrs and cuddles for approximately 32 seconds before attacking my feet and becoming the most annoying feline on the planet.

But since there is no moisture in the air, the routine has changed a bit: cat sees me, gains visual confirmation of non-kitten eater, starts to purr and **SHOCK**. You can see the betrayal in his eyes. The girl formerly known only as "the one who won't chew on my legs" as turned into "the girl who specializes in electro-shock treatments". What an unhappy cat. But this new superconductivity has its benefits. Gil loves to sit on my computer, there's nothing I can do about it, but with the dry air, it shocks him too. This is happening with such frequency he's now terrified to walk across the keys. Victory!

So cat leaves the computer alone for the most part. Sadly, one day, while going out of his way to walk AROUND the MacBook, he accidentally grazed a corner and **ZAP**. And that was the last straw. This little kitten reared up on his little kitten legs and took one of his little kitten paws and smacked the computer with all his little kitten strength. And the futility of the gesture was absolutely adorable.

Electrocution: hands down, the best way to bring out the personality in your pet.

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Simon said...

Ahhhhh, that made me laugh out loud a whole lot. Thank you. You are DOUBLY not a blog-dodger anymore. And will you please bring Gil home? He is right, there ARE people who want to just gobble up kittens like himself, but only because he's soooo cuuuuuute.