Monday, April 16, 2007

Apparently winter and I need to have another chat about what constitutes appropriate seasonal behavior.

April last year:

April this year:

Once, at Vassar, when spring was once again letting winter walk all over it, one of my professors gleefully told my Dickens class how there was one summer in 1872 or something when winter went on and on and summer didn't come until the next year. That brief and harmless anecdote WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER.


Ivan said...

though it says nothing about the hot cross buns adventure, I still find your post amusing... probably becuase it's not snowing here... if it still looks like that in august you'll just have to visit la la land.

Katie said...

I agree with Ivan. This is obviously related to hot cross buns. It was snowing here, but it is in the 60s now. Hopefully the snow machines above Rochester will be turned off shortly.

Matthew said...

The photo of the bustling metropolis, while not bustling, is awfully picturesque, although desolate.

Apparently the "hot cross bun incident" is becoming infamous as a mysterious occurrence?? As a first-hand observer, photographer, and joint taste-tester, they WERE very yummy and I was impressed with your culinary tack, but surely there are other events more worthy of wild speculation amongst the F.O.H. than that one!

Katie said...

It is infamous because Simon posted this "Your eggs look more successful than my hot cross buns. First attempt: not enough yeast. Second attempt: too much yeast. Yet, both times, I used the same amount of yeast. I blame the fact that it has been snowing for a week. In April. The yeast was confused. Like me." With no follow up. So we prod her to tell us about the event. (Although I should quit posting and go do homework, *sigh*)

Ivan said...

I figured she wasn't posting because there weren't any pictures but Matt reveals there are! Matt pictures nonetheless-- which means they're of the highest quality! Post, Simon, post!