Tuesday, October 02, 2007


You know a package has promise when someone tapes this to the front:

and it did not disappoint! I could certainly kill someone with the genuine PEI Lobster fork (made in China!) wrapped inside that striped paper. But rather than inspiring me to stab someone, this lobster fork serves as a reminder of what I like to call "The Best Meal in the History of Meals" or "The New Glasgow Lobster Supper". Oh, to be back on Prince Edward Island where the mussels are a plenty and the seafood chowder is unlimited...

I have no photos of this event as the only person not drunk on clarified butter was Simon and she has not released them to the public (most likely because I am coated in grease and seafood refuge with a crazed look in my eye), but I wanted to say thank you to Simon, for the glorious reminder of "The Best Meal in the History of Meals" ...and for the murder weapon.

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Simon said...

Oh, I am totally releasing those pictures to the public now. (Fortunately for you, most of them are not in focus. I myself was drunk on warm bread rolls... and butter.)