Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Really Inspired Post

So I was going to post about something else, but I realized I'm missing one of the pictures. So then I thought I would post the other thing I've been meaning to post for, oh, a month. But even though I edited the pictures for that very recently and then told myself not to forget to put them on my flash drive, I went right ahead and forgot. Therefore, because I feel guilty and need to post something, and all I have are three pictures from August, I'm posting those. Here we go.

Usually when I'm house-sitting, I end up posting twenty-nine pictures of Rosie. Rosie sitting, Rosie walking, Rosie playing with string, Rosie glaring at me, Rosie on a chair, Rosie outside, Rosie sleeping. And no one ever comments on those posts because there is nothing to say except that Rosie is edibly cute, the end. But this time I have shocking images of the life Rosie really lives, a life of terror, a life of justified paranoia, a life of waiting for Rhubarb to pounce on her head. She may spend twenty-three hours of the day sleeping, but the fact is, sleeping is serious business and she's constantly having to make up for time lost to pseudo-jungle-cat attacks. And now there's proof.

Exhibit A:
The predator lies in wait.
He is thinking, "Ah, there is Rosie. I shall pretend she is a giant mouse and try to eat her. She'll never spot me."

Exhibit B:
The predator goes in for the kill.
Here he is thinking, "She spotted me! Damn you, Rosie! You are a mouse, and I am an enormous jungle cat!"

Exhibit C:
The predator magnanimously fails to rip out Rosie's throat.
Her initial panic over, Rosie wonders whether this is going to go on all day because she has several more places to nap in today and the afternoon is already half over.


Ivan said...

rosie is edibly cute, the end.

Maeve said...

clearly rhubarb agrees.