Tuesday, November 11, 2008

there are no stupid questions

Setting out for a hike in a relentless northern California rain, a ranger pulls up:
Ranger: Going for a hike?
I: yup!
Ranger: You got your rain gear?
co-spelunker: yup!
Ranger: But did you leave your brains at home?

12 miles later we pondered the same question as we hitchhiked back to our car...


Simon said...

When you told me this story, you never actually finished telling it, and the last part I heard was just "and we ended up hitchhiking home." And then that weekend I listened to This American Life, which had a really scary story on it about hitchhiking, and although I knew you were still alive I almost called you and told you to listen to it as a sort of cautionary tale against hitchhiking. Also on that episode there was a story about rabid animals that was really scary. If you ever tell me "hey, I found a bat in my room this morning" and then stop in the middle of the story, I will not just call you. I will fly there. Because that story was even worse.

We've been having a strange day at work today and that's why I'm making such a long, odd, pointless comment.

Ivan said...

I listened to that "This American Life". If I'm ever attacked by a raccoon I EXPECT you to fly out with a tire iron and beat it to death for me. real friends help you move bodies...