Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inferiority Complex?

Last night I dreamed that my boss told me she didn't like the recipe I use for sugar cookies, even though she has never had any of my sugar cookies, nor have we ever even talked about sugar cookies. I also dreamed that Pierce Gleeson said somewhere that he did not like this blog -- not just the web design, which is admittedly substandard, but the content -- even though I'm quite sure he has never read it. Then I dreamed a complete stranger scoffed at my photography, which wasn't fair because in my dream I felt like I was trying to move through marshmallow, and it was really hard to focus on the waterfall while trying not to fall off the edge of the cliff that I got to through a secret room in the library. Meaningless criticisms I see ahead for tonight:

1. Carl Kasell belittles the way I wash dishes, in spite of not knowing I exist.
2. Heslington berates my critical thinking skills, regardless of being a sheep-shaped doorstop.
3. The wind tells me I am wearing ugly shoes, even though it is dressed in a red plaid suit and is in no position to judge.

Addendum: As a matter of fact, after writing this, I dreamed that I was forced to repeat my senior year of high school, and was scolded by an authority figure for having forgotten the combination to my locker. Even though I had not used it in eight years. I tried to explain that I wouldn't be in this pickle if they hadn't taken away the yearbook room, but no one listens to logic in dreams.

I think it's worth mentioning that the rest of my class had to repeat, too, and that Dan remembered his locker combination. "Oh yeah, of course I know it. Use it all the time. Sheesh, Simon."

Matt, however, was having some issues being re-enrolled because his mom couldn't find a copy of his birth certificate. He stopped at a showcase in the hallway, bought a lizard, and said, "Well this should take care of it." And we all agreed that indeed a lizard was a perfectly acceptable replacement for Matt's birth certificate. Annoyingly, my alarm went off before I found out what the guidance office said.


Ivan said...

your brain is fascinating.

Simon said...

you were in that dream, too. you were sitting next to me in English. ah, just like old times.

Katie said...

Initially I was just going to comment that the next time I get to meet Carl Kasell I will tell him that you wash dishes just fine, thank you very much. But then I read your addendum. It was amusing. The inside of your head appears to be almost as weird as mine. I told my dad about the Obama dreams tonight and he was highly amused. Especially about my trip across northern Africa.