Monday, January 26, 2009

King(s) of the Park Bench? And the Epitome of Old Age

Been meaning to post this, too. Standing on a bench is not as cool as standing on a fake rock formation, but it sure beats the gravel. You can tell they just feel better there, 1.5 feet above sea level.

Okay, folks. This is going to be a recurring game, apparently. Who does it look like? No, you'll never guess. Here:

Granted, Joan Rivers has hair and ears. And ever since she did that commercial mocking her own plastic surgeries, I have felt a weird admiration for her, on those occasions when I think of her at all. Which are rare. I didn't even think of her as tortoise-like until I Googled "wrinkly neck." Ooh, snap. No, I didn't mean it. I actually rummaged through my brain for people with wrinkly necks and she came to mind first. It was just a coincidence that she has a tortoise-nose, too. New rule: No more posting when tired. It's clearly irresponsible.

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