Monday, March 16, 2009

Bear Repellant

While discussing bear-proof canisters with Kumi and Jeff:

J: Kumi has the perfect plan for bear-proofing a tent. Tell her, Kumi.
K: See, it's genius-- you string up hot dogs in a circle around your tent, that way the bears just eat the hot dogs and leave you alone.
J: I've tried explaining this just makes campers the chewy center of the hot dog ring, but she doesn't believe me.
K: bear proof. I'm telling you.


Katie said...

This is seriously the best conversation ever.

Simon said...

Also, to keep mountain lions away, you just need to whack two sticks together a few times around your campsite.

Ivan said...

that makes me think of The Parent Trap. Which makes me think of Natasha Richardson. Which makes me sad.