Sunday, March 15, 2009

On my trip to Boston last month I spent a couple days with my college roommate, Betsy. Betsy lives in a fabulous apartment... though now that I think about it, when I lived with Betsy, we didn't have heat, so OF COURSE the new apartment seems luxurious. I remember the year we had a party and someone peed in a drawer. This was revolting enough, but then it froze and we had to thaw the drawer to clean it out. So the fact that liquids remained liquids in Betsy's post-college apartment was enough to make me love it. Reason number two to love Betsy's post-college apartment: when she gave me the tour she said "Don't worry if there are strange sounds over the living room, the guy upstairs has a ball pit". How awesome is that? Reason number three: over breakfast I was trying to check my email and one of the wireless networks was called xkcd. After seeing that I started to geek out a little bit. I professed my love for the webcomic and told her how someone awesome must live in the building and how she should find them as they are most likely a kindred spirit. And after that speech we packed up for a day around town and left the lovely, heated apartment with definitely cool neighbors and I saw THIS:

And then my head exploded.


Simon said...

Why in the name of all things holy would someone make such a vulgar use of your drawer?

Also, I still think if you'd had more time you should have hung out in the lobby for a while and gotten Randall Munroe's autograph. Preferably on a black hat.

Katie said...

I agree with what Simon said.

Plus, it was the existence of roommates on the mailbox that made me look up Randall Munroe and find out that he's younger than me. People younger than me are not allowed to be famous. That's the way it's supposed to be. I think I'd just assumed that xkcd was like phdcomics and therefore Randall Munroe was like Jorge Cham...older than me.

Simon said...

According to that e-mail you sent me, KP, we are over the hill. Even Randall Munroe is done for, at the ripe old age of 24. But if it makes you feel better, I thought he was older, too. Until I heard about the ball pit. Then I had doubts.

Tony Austin said...

WOW! In the presence of stick man master! That's so cool!

I would be more star struck seeing him than any celebrity on TMZ