Thursday, April 30, 2009


I long ago realized having a California drivers license meant being able to wear flip flops year-round. This is one of the few benefits I saw in a So Cal residency, so I did my best to wear open toed shoes every single day. All day. Without fail. I met my cousin for dinner in Santa Monica one night and my teeth started chattering and he was like "why the hell are you wearing FLIP FLOPS, it's cold out?!" and I was like "::chatter:: my right ::chatter:: as a Californian ::chatter::". But today I forgot my sandals and my feet feel so confined-- so bound to these things they call sneakers. How does the rest of the world do it? I won't miss much about LA, but foot freedom... I'll miss that.

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Simon said...

I was always envious of your ability to wear flip-flops. Not just year-round but at all. My feet have never liked them.