Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Swear, He's Just Big Boned

A long, long time ago I adopted a kitten. Gilbert P. Kitten. He was tiny and fuzzy and utterly adorable. And then I fed him and he grew (as cats often do). But you know your cat has surpassed an acceptable weight when your french vet opens the animal carrier and exclaims "ooooo! I looooove zee fat kitties!" and runs off to find a picture of his 23-pounder. Gilbert P. Kitten only weighs in at 16, but some would argue that's large.

And now that I have to get Gil to New York I realize he's not easily transportable. Delta's guidelines for cat carriers involve a lot of math and measuring (the length of the animal from nose to root of tail divided by half the height from ground to elbow joint, the width across the shoulders times 2) and I went to a university with an optional math requirement (yet an exceptional hockey team!), but I think I'm going to have a problem passing him off as carry-on baggage.

I tried to put him on my bike to show you how much he's grown, but the bike fell over. This doesn't mean he's fat... just that bike seats aren't build for big-boned kitties.

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Simon said...

I love zee fat kitties, too!

What's with those guidelines, it's a cat. Unless it's a lion, it's probably going to be within normal cat-size range. There should just be a line on a form where they say "is it too big to fly on a commercial airplane" and you say "no."