Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Realm of Possibility

I have blisters, itchy, itchy, blisters on my arm. I have a strong suspicion it is poison oak, but it could be schistosomiasis or botflies. Reasons I think it is Poison Oak: I walked through a lot of it while I was hiking. Reasons it could be schistosomiasis or botflies: It is not outside the realm of possibility.


Anonymous said...

Schistosomiasis - sounds like it should be onomatopoetic. Shame that it is not so. Also within the realm of possibility are other wonderful diseases like lymphatic filariasis (better known as elephantiasis).

The only diseases worth having are massively polysyllabic, which, curiously enough, are also the ones best avoided.

So - always wear your shoes when outside, don't wade, wash or swim in the local water supply, and avoid undercooked foods.

Ivan said...

Would you include the Pacific Ocean in local water supply? I suppose not since it's salt water... but I always feel like you could catch something around Venice.

Simon said...

If the only thing I leave behind when I die is the word "schistosomiasis" in the vocabulary of everyone who knew me, I will be content.