Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Test Shots

Hello folks, I am not really here but I figured out this nifty way to automate my posts, and I just happen to have 47 pictures from the Lilac Festival that you probably need to see or else your life won't be complete.

But first, some test shots.

I bought this new camera specifically in January so that I would have four months before this trip to figure out how to use it. Four solid months. And when did I read the manual? Last Tuesday. And what did I find out? This is quite a decent camera for something that is smaller than my hand.

Please say hello to two old friends, and a very small turtle:

Hmm. Aside from the fact that you should not wait four months to read the manual that came with whatever new thing you got, what have we learned in this post? Before you take close-up test shots, you should dust. Please don't anyone let on to Cordelia that I put a picture of her on the internet with dust all over her head. She is so vain about things like that.

Please enjoy the pictures of flowers and trees that you'll be seeing every other day for the next two weeks. It'll be like a blog AND a course in botany at the same time.

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Ivan said...

I <3 you for automating posts.