Monday, June 29, 2009


Sorry, Internet, I forgot to post yesterday. I am going to backdate this post so that it will look like I posted, but I did not post. I believe I was either writing, watching Christy (boy was Kellie Martin young in 1994!), or helping Ivan walk her dog. In any event, apparently blogging did not fit into my busy busy schedule. But, as a treat, here is a picture from my recent trip to space. You know, where I stopped right after the Lake District? Gosh, it was so pretty.

Or at least, it was until someone pointed out that this picture of tidal channels in Iran looked like a giant squid. I thought it looked like nerves and axons inside the brain. One is much less gross than the other. You can decide.

Giant squid (hint: gross)

Brain (hint: surprisingly, not gross)

More pictures from the International Space Station here, should you be interested. Normally I would not stoop to posting links, especially to places I have never been, but this is one place I don't think I will probably ever take personal photos of. Unless they get that space elevator working!


Anonymous said...

Sneaky date finagler!
Those space station photos are terrific! Thanks for the link.

Not sure I could choose between the squid and the dendrites as a comparison for the river delta - it could be a slightly idealized version of either one.

I laughed at the crop irrigation circles - it made me think that we could have accidentally been sending digital signals to the space aliens all these years.

I think the farmers should rotate crops so that, over decades, the circles would create a stop motion video!

Simon said...

DENDRITES. That's the word I wanted! My reverse dictionary does not have an entry for "parts of brain."

Anonymous said...

....Dendrites: I always considered that word to be one of the benefits of pursuing a Biology major ...

Regardless, the delta looks very science fictiony (or would that be fictionee, or perhaps fiction-ee?) and kind of slippery, slimy (or slimee for consistency!).