Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say Hello to an Old Friend!

He is so delighted to see you!

This is Meridian, making his yearly appearance at the town it's-summer-and-it's-raining-so-let's-eat-fried-dough festival. I posted about him last year, too. He's got the same spiffing haircut, and his main interest is still the consumption of grass.

He is very bendy.

He is intrigued by other animals.

He is a handsome devil.


Anonymous said...

He is a very handsome devil, is he not. I hope you managed to miss the worst of the rain on a very rainy day for a festival.
How nice of his owners to bring him back for your further entertainment.

Ivan said...

did you tell him you liked the socks made out of him and wouldn't be opposed to a sweater or two?