Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Some things that are making me fall in love with Brooklyn:

-My teeny tiny view of the Statue of Liberty
-the street I took to the movie theater had WORKING GAS LAMPS
-you can WALK to the movie theater
-The threat of MilkPop is only in Manhattan


Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad to hear that you are not in the MilkPop danger zone (I read the link - sounds awful!). The rest sounds charming.

Simon said...

Wait, but you WILL be going to Manhattan to try it, right? (P.S. Working gas lamps? Seriously? How Dickensian!)

Katie said...

These points make Minneapolis sound rural... and not at all Dickensian.

Katie said...

Oh, and seriously, I'm with Simon on the milkpop. Only I think the MilkPop for Malort is a totally unfair trade. I already promised to make you an alpine martini in the right circumstances. Malort makes me think of Skoal which reminds me of these pictures http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/05/how-to-skoal-with-style-and-grace-a-scandinavian-style-toast.html.

Simon said...

The first guy cracks me up. The second guy: very debonaire.