Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Moment You've Been Waiting For!

Or at least the moment Katie P. has been waiting for:
MilkPop! And no, it does not taste like a birthday party for a polar bear! It tastes like 26 grams of cane sugar in an 8oz "vibrancy drink"!
Wandering through Manhattan in the heat of the day, I took my parched self to a convenience store and low and behold, the MilkPop was in the drinks case. I purchased three of the four flavors (much to the bafflement of the clerk-- apparently not many people understand the desire to drink MilkPop) and cracked open the Citrus Burst. Never Again. We had some favorable reviews of the Colada. Michelle drank it and the ensuing sugar high was worth the price of admission... eventually someone will have the courage to try the Berry... perhaps if I leave it in the fridge long enough one of my roommates will drink it... better odds that the cemetery dead will come to life and have a sip...


Magusia said...

That really sounds quite disgusting.

Simon said...

Haaaaahahahahahaha. That was SO worth moving to New York for, admit it.

Your pictures are pretty.

Katie said...

First, what in the world is a "vibrancy drink"? A drink to give you a sugar high?
Your review doesn't make me want to drink it and I am disappointed that the polar bears didn't have a party in your mouth. Was it very milky? Or more sugary? I'm curious as I will not get to Manhattan anytime in the near future. (Although this does make me more inclined to go there sooner!)
I agree with Simon. The pictures are pretty. Prettier than the drink tastes.
Side note: This seems like it would be a REALLY bad mixer. Or post-drinking hydration liquid. *shudders*
PS My word verification is tursti which sounds like a two year old saying "thirsty". Perhaps the word verification is trying to tell us that two year olds LOVE MilkPop Vibrancy Drinks...

Ivan said...

I honestly don't see why they put milk in it, since it didn't taste like milk at all... it's sugar. It tastes like sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Sugar sugar sugar wheeeeeeeee.

Katie said...

Maybe it's to make it "seem healthy"?

Here's a great blog post about MilkPop from fooducate
"What to do at the supermarket:

If you fancy a peach and mango flavored drink, here’s a quick and easy recipe – peel and dice one ripe mango; dice one ripe peach; add one cup of fat free unflavored yogurt, and one spoon of sugar. Pulse in a blender until smooth. Heaven.

If you’re still thirsty, drink tap water, and save your family of four $150 a year to buy real mangos and peaches."