Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Consider Yourself Lucky

the email you can't believe you're writing:

"Hi J! Hope the first day with the editor goes well-- just wanted to mention I spilled a full cup of hot chocolate in the bay on Saturday afternoon. I was using a "flavia" packet from the kitchen, so I doubt there's any legitimate dairy in the mix... but still, if the bay smells like death when you walk in, we might need the carpet cleaned. And if the bay smells like chocolate, well... consider yourself lucky! See you tomorrow! Ivan"


Simon said...

That's so perfect it's almost a poem.

Anonymous said...

So -- what exactly is going on with the hot chocolate? Is it just a New York City thing to be spilling it everywhere? And bears? In Chicago, I could understand (sports reference, by the way), but New York....it would be like finding a peacock on my front lawn.

And why are people drinking hot chocolate now anyway? It's only September - not February, when hot chocolate would be much more understandable.

Well, if an expression was ever appropriate: "Bottoms Up."