Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Simon & Ivan has officially been up and running for five years and two days. In keeping with our blog's general atmosphere of not laziness but, shall we say, a certain carefree attitude, both of us forgot our own blogiversary. Hey, it's our style. Also, Canada doesn't have the internet and I couldn't post from there.

Fun facts about Simon and Ivan

Posts: 438
Months with zero posts: 5
Number of draft posts with intriguing titles that Ivan should finish and post: 24
Number of title changes: 1
Number of web design changes: probably 6 or 7
Number of times I said to myself while making web design changes "If only I understood html": 346
Number of rotating quotes: 21
Age of rotating quotes: about five years, they're a pain to change, see above
Countries where our blog is read, in some cases for no reason we can understand because we don't know people there: US, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal
Times schistosomiasis came up legitimately: 2
Times schistosomiasis came up for the gross factor: 1
Posts mentioning regretting getting out of bed: 3
Hilarious anecdotes about Ivan's brother: 5
Photos of Simon's chest: 1, but it was memorable
Times Ivan almost went insane over pantaloons: 1, but it could probably be repeated
Animals you learned about: camels, llamas, alpacas, capybaras, Vikings, Shetland ponies, spiders, rogue possums, anglerfish
Uses of anonymity-protecting pigeon: 3
Star Trek jokes: about 47
Posts about baking cookies: 8
Posts about cookies gone horribly wrong: 3
Posts about books: Too many.
Pictures of Ivan's cat: Never enough.


We are now officially posting more than ever so please come back again and again and leave comments and send us cookies and tell your friends in Brazil that we want to know who they are please.

Oh, and thank you for reading this endless stream of hedgehogian nonsense. We like your company.


Katie said...

1. YOU GUYS ROCK!! I ate an oreo in honor of the best hedgehog blog ever tonight. But only one, cause I'd already eaten a thin mint blizzard, so I was pretty full. Sorry! I'll eat more tomorrow in honor of you as well!

2. If there's no internet in Canada, then how do Canadians read your blog??

Simon said...

1. Thank you!

2. I'm not sure but I've heard they read it telepathically.

Ivan said...

are you counting bacon cookies in the "cookies" stats or the "cookies that went horribly wrong"?

Simon said...

I believe, in your heart, you already know the answer to that.