Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From the Top of Bristol Mountain on Columbus Day Weekend

And a fat Jersey cow for good measure.


Katie said...

HAHAH. That cow has a black eye.

Ivan said...

I am unclear, was the cow at the top of the mountain, or the bottom? Or just on the way to the mountain? Not sure why this matters... perhaps I like the idea of an Alpine Jersey.

Simon said...

Actually the cow was from the previoius day's activities and was nowhere near a mountain. However it is my strong belief that every outing should involve livestock and I may suggest to Bristol that they acquire a cow for the amusement of their skiiers. And that they should nape it Alpine Bessie for the amusement of me.

This cow's name is Delia according to my sister, but I think all cows should be named Bessie. Or That Darn Jersey if appropriate.