Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was all yellow... and slightly brown, with a bit of rusty orange.

Here follow photos (probably best viewed large) from my Ultimate Autumn Weekend, wherein you will see I spent a lot of time with trees.

I almost drove past this, and then my car involuntarily turned and I got out and involuntarily took pictures.

It was an exceptionally pleasant day.

Devil's Bathtub: everyone's favorite kettle pond from middle school field trips. What they should tell you first on those field trips is that the devil never lived here, but strangely, I don't believe the question of the devil's involvement was ever addressed.

This body of water is called Deep Pond, which, compared to Devil's Bathtub, is a disappointing name. There is another pond in this park called Round Pond, which is not round, and Lost Pond, which is clearly no longer lost as I got the name off a map. Obviously everything went downhill after Devil's Bathtub.

If you put your ear up to the bark you can hear the tree chewing.

I really think this could be an Anthropologie ad if it had a red velvet sofa next to a dining room table lavishly set for eight.

Next time: Livestock! Plus my newest alpaca friend, Carhart, who I can only assume was named by the same person who is responsible for Deep Pond.


Ivan said...

"This is my pet Alpaca, I call him Warm Fuzzy Clothing".

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.
I think that the first 4, especially, would be marvelous puzzle pictures - so many ever so slightly different shades of the same color, and a few starkly different ones. Those would be puzzles that would keep you busy for a long time.

Simon said...

Ivan: Yes, that is the sort of creativity I'm looking for. Hahahaha.

Anon: Holy cow, the yellow ones especially would be extremely hard. Then again, I think the last puzzle I did had Muppets on it, so I am not qualified to judge.

Anonymous said...

OK - you could photo-shop Big Bird, Animal and Kermit into the background of those pictures to add a touch or more recognizable yellow, red and green - voila!

Anonymous said...

That first photo is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! No wonder your car was similarly affected.