Friday, October 23, 2009

Possible explanations for why I do not excel at cooking:

I seem to get distracted.

Also, when The Eye is watching, it makes me nervous.


Anonymous said...

Creepy, but cute at the same time.

If you cooked in the dark, then the eye would not be able to see you... although, I suppose that there might be some drawbacks to trying that.

Oh - an idea, you could wear night vision goggles when you cook in the dark - that would solve the problem. Not sure it would improve your skills, but it would make for a great blog post later on.

Pandora said...

I disagree about your lack of excellence at cooking. Those apples look perfectly peeled. Also, I have cutting board envy - it looks huge. Unless those are very tiny apples. Whatever the problem, it is clearly not your equipment. Or your creativity. Perhaps you should try cooking exclusively for Elevensies.

Katie said...

I was thinking when I looked at this about the Turks and their tendency to place eyes everywhere to "keep an eye" on you, as it were. Not as a bad, thing, but as a good thing. Like a guardian angel sort of deal. Not that it helped, although, maybe that's why the applesauce came out alright in the end.

Maybe this is why there are apples in October and not in April...