Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Emergency Canadian Man Soap

So when I went to Canada I didn't realize I would need bath soap, and I didn't bring any. So I had to buy some. So I went into a drugstore and I bought the cheapest soap they had and I went on my way. And although in retrospect I suppose the dark blue and orange packaging should have been a giveaway, I did not realize until I opened it ten hours later that the soap I chose was definitely made for men.

I like to think my disregard for the coloring on the package goes to show that I am impervious to marketing. Or that it stood out in the sea of pink and white. Or that I am just really cheap. But, whatever, soap is soap, and there is nothing in it that will make your skin boil if you are not a man. So I used it, etc. etc., and all was well.

Since I'm thrifty, I brought the soap home with me, because it's soap and it cost a whole $1.75, and why not? I figured I would use it some time when I needed emergency soap, which happens more than you'd think because I keep my stockpile of soap in the dark recesses of my bathroom cabinet and I never know when I'm out until I reach in and nothing's there. It's not the best way to run things, and I should really talk to the management, but that's not the issue here.

So the day of accidentally running out of soap arrived much earlier than I thought, and I was very happy I had brought that emergency Canadian man soap back with me. I hauled it out of the cabinet in its nice man-colored package, and chucked it in the shower, and it works perfectly well, and that is why I will be smelling like a dude for the next two and a half weeks. But at least I'll be smelling like a clean one. So it could be worse.

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Anonymous said...

Those Canadians, Eh? So clever to have gender sensitive soap. And Simon - so daring to defy the stereotype!