Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual Post of Blurry Pictures from the Santa Parade

Once again, it was bitterly cold on the night of the Santa Parade. And once again, I came to accept that it is not possible to take a picture of moving lights in the dark without having paid significantly more attention to my camera's instruction manual than I have done. So they all look like this:

Look, Santa breaks the sound barrier!

Happily, after the parade, the fire trucks all park along the street and if you are willing to risk loss of limb to frostbite, you can take somewhat better pictures.

And while I'm at it: here's an incredibly tall tree with lights on it, a feat that impresses me not because I have a fear of heights (though I kind of do) but because I have terrible balance and could never have pulled this off myself.

This photo is by my mum, who did a better job of camera-wrangling in the dark than I did.

Next time, video! Hopefully.


Ivan said...

is that sleigh being pulled by a team of firefighters?

Simon said...