Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Blog

Friends, the state of the blog is strong. Though it appears so in retrospect, it was never clear that the blog was going to succeed, but we showed courage in early 2008 when we returned after a three-month haitus, and again later in 2008 when we again failed to post regularly. In fact, failing to post regularly has been our greatest challenge in the past, but in 2009 we set a new standard of alternating weekdays, which has become a successful program. We believe this will offset past deficits and bring our overall posts-per-week average up to a more reliable level. We plan to renew this program in 2010, but it won't be easy. The winter doldrums will take their toll, and some days, we just won't feel like posting, or there won't be enough cookies to fuel our creativity. There are tough times still ahead, and I don't feel like laying out an exact plan as to how we'll get through it, but we will. What makes our blog great is that more or less some of the time we might have posted something within the past week, and I believe we will continue to be great in exactly this same manner. May you never be out of internet range, and may our blog always load quickly.

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