Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spice of Life

C: What happened to your thumb?
I: I cut it on a spice jar.
C: What kind of spice?
I: I think it was thyme.
C: So it's not true?
I: What's not true?
C: Thyme doesn't heal all wounds?
I: Apparently not.


Simon said...

NICE. You have the best spice-related posts.

megan said...


(As in, "What is this, Horseville? 'Cause I'm surrounded by naysayers.")

Simon said...


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that this post is not accompanied by pictures of the offending spice jar (with a close up of the sharp edge that jumps out at unsuspecting fingers), and of the unsuspecting finger itself (preferably after the band-aid has been applied!).

Megan - I am going to try to remember that Horseville phrase long enough to find a use for it in conversation. Preferably in the midst of some boring meeting.

megan said...

It's a 30 Rock original which I haven't been able to work into everyday conversation yet. However, I have been known to shout "wordplay!" Usually when appropriate, too.