Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Dark Side of the Thaw

A lot of people went out and made snowmen and snowotherthings the last time we had Weather. The snow was heavy and packable, which must have inspired everyone to go all out, because the snowthings were quite impressive. Those who opted for regular old snowmen gave them proper carrot noses, and eyes and buttons. Someone made a very large dog with floppy ears and a big snout, someone made a pair of thrones, and several people made defensive structures. One was stock-piled with snowballs. All the product of a couple of happy suburban afternoons.

But it's been sunny and warm for the last several days, and the population of snowthings is suffering. They're getting lopsided and deranged-looking, losing their features and their accessories, and in some cases showing signs of severe leprosy. A lot of the snowmen seem to be in mid-limp, like frozen zombies. It looks like an attempt to overtake the town is being made by a slow militia of vaguely humanoid blobs, or possibly blancmange. So far the attempt has been largely ineffective, but don't worry, I patrol the area daily and I will keep my eye on it.

1 comment:

Ivan said...

but what if they come alive while you are sleeping? now you know how it feels to live across from a graveyard...