Monday, June 14, 2010

A Bit of a Mess

It was story time one evening as we lounged around the apartment. N decided to recount the tale of Absent Roommate, and the story was too good not to share. Absent Roommate was never concerned with cleanliness, his room a bit of a mess. Piles of clothes, damp towels, unmade bed... and at this point in the story I had to protest-- we've all been there. I rarely make my own bed and sometimes the piles get out of control, but N said "wait-- it gets better". Absent Roommate was absent for an extended period of time and his flatmates became concerned with noises in the unoccupied space. In the interest of apartment security, they opened the door of Absent Roommate's room and found an open window with lovely sunshine filtering down into the chaos. There, sandwiched between piles of dirty laundry and damp towels, was a plate with two forgotten pieces of bread, two hot dogs, and a several pigeons enjoying the feast.

I imagine this boy will at one point in his life own a fridge that lurks.

In closing: I hope my mother reads this and never complains about my mess again. Also, I hope she does not relay this story to Gilbert P. Kitten, as he would surely pine away for the missed opportunity.

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(In my experience of Gilbert P. Kitten, he would run away. Or does he like birds more than people?)