Friday, June 11, 2010


Human Head Effigy Bowl, Precolumbian, 200 BCE - 100 CE
Nasca Ceramics; Made in Peru
(Rochester Memorial Art Gallery)

Human Head Vessel, 500-800
Greater Nicoya Ceramics; Made in Costa Rica
(Rochester Memorial Art Gallery)

Funny Face Cereal Bowl, ca. 2003
Trade Winds Tableware; Costcutter Supermarket at York University
(Chez Simon)

When I bought this for a pound I thought I was just getting a cheap, ugly bowl that could also serve as a friend on the off chance I didn't like a single person I met in England. Little did I know it was the (sad) end of a long tradition of bowly things with faces on them. Soooo glad I packed it in my luggage and hauled it 3,500 miles home. Now, if I can find a long tradition of drinking vessels with angry cartoonish roosters on them, I can justify bringing that mug home, too.


Anonymous said...

Perfect - and I think that your little bowly friend is terrifically cute!

Anonymous said...

Well.... Finally, our advanced civilization has discovered the wisdom of smiley faced bowls after millenia of neglecting this art form. Whew! What took us so long!?

While those faces are intentional, I happened to find today a long series of photos of accidental faces. Some are quite hilarious.

Simon said...

Those are cute! I especially like "A Wild Syrup Protects Her Children."