Thursday, July 08, 2010


I boiled an egg.

And it worked!


Ivan said...

does this mean you've moved on from the squirrel diet?

Simon said...

I decided to diversify and have a salad. Mainly because I had four eggs that were going to expire soon and did not want to bake anything in this foul, wretched heat. I don't expect this salad thing will last. It's ever so much work.

Ivan said...

expiration dates lie. sidenote: they don't refrigerate their eggs here.

supersidenote: my first comment was almost "greetings, chicken" modeled after kp's "greetings, squirrel,". Then I realized it didn't apply AT ALL.

Simon said...

Hahaha. If I were a chicken you might as well say, Greetings, cannibal! Who else eats unfertilized eggs aside from humans? Does anyone? Are any eggs left unfertilized in nature? There is apparently a huge gap in my avian knowledge.

I guess if no one has died of eating unrefrigerated eggs, it must be okay? Presumably they do not do this with deviled eggs. Or they probably would die.

This post has proven unexpectedly thought-provoking.

Katie said...

You guys crack me up!

1) I don't care about Lawhatshisname James, so why am I watching his special on ESPN instead of Ballykissangel?

2) Hardboiled eggs rock.

3) Eggs are good for ~6 weeks AFTER their "expiration date" assuming they are refrigerated.

3b) Hardboiled eggs are the best snack ever.

4) I read Simon's comment as "Who else eats unfertilized human eggs?" To which I went "EWWWWWWW!"

5) I have switched back to Ballykissangel.

6) No I want a hardboiled or deviled egg.

7) Now I also think eggs are kindof gross.

Simon said...

That is helpful to know about eggs. Because apparently the three weeks between when I buy them and when they claim to expire isn't long enough for me to use six of them. I am slow.