Friday, October 22, 2010

Dangerously Inappropriate!

Loyal reader Liz alerted me to an inappropriate use of bacon the other day. Behold the Bacon Me Crazy Plush Toy.

I shall now enumerate the three things that are inappropriate about this.
1. Bacon-shaped objects that are not bacon are inappropriate.
2. It is sold out, which shows how many people have inappropriate taste.
3. The product description:

"Stir up some fun in your apartment with this kitschy shapin' bacon pillow! Morph your bacon to your desired 'degree' with its internal wire, and wear the accompanying pin that states, 'I love you more than bacon,' to show your love of sweet meats all day long. If you're ever feeling down, simply lay with this fleece and felt strip of softness, and all will be 'cured!'"

Maybe I just have cannibalism on the brain, but I do NOT want to be CURED like MEAT, thank you very much! Inappropriate! INAPPROPRIATE!!

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