Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Out of Control

When I was putting in the black background I had to double-check what color #4C4C4C was because HTML is the bane of my existence. The first web page that came up was this:

Internet, seriously? We're rating colors now? Is there nothing we can restrain ourselves from making public, even if it is deeply boring, completely subjective, and has no bearing on anything at all?

Moreover, twenty-two people saw the color gray and thought, "Not only must I express my opinion of this color, but my opinion is that I love it." Who loves the color gray? Gray is the color we use as a metaphor for, "Eh, I could go either way." Almost by definition you can neither love nor hate gray. GRAY IS A GRAY AREA.

Sometimes the internet is just too much.


Pandora said...

I nominate off white and beige as additional "gray areas" because I feel "eh" about them. If someone posted an opinion page about them I would purposely ignore it. Now #045FB4 is a color I could have a feeling about...or #B40404...or #088A08...

Simon said...

I agree. But I bet people rated white and beige, too. I wonder if they rated them higher or lower than gray. I suppose I could do research. Maybe. Sometime later. Eh.