Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pride Cometh Before a Fall

This photo of my post-kneading, pre-baking kitchen is called "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE RISE."

This one is called "I don't care if you're misshapen, I love you for not tasting like yeast."

"Things seem to be going well, let's be ambitious."

And last: "I wonder how much chili powder this needs. I'll just throw in the rest of the bottle. Clearly I can do no wrong today."

Fortunately I had a lot of bread around for when the chili threatened to burn a hole in my tongue.


Ivan said...

ok, last year you were cooking in a scarf and being all "hope I don't catch fire" and now I see you leaving flammable shit ALL OVER THE STOVE. Simon, STOP IT, I DON'T WANT YOU TO BURN DOWN.

but the bread looks nice.

Simon said...

Oh nonsense, the stove was not on! I do not leave papers all over it if any part of it is emitting flammable gasses! That would just be foolish. But if it will comfort you, please know there is a fire extinguisher a mere six feet away. I have always wanted to use one.

Anonymous said...

If you used milk from those Holy Cows, then your prayer might actually have a prayer of working!

Everything does seem to have turned out very nicely, however, even without the assistance of Papally anointed livestock.

Love the reports on your cooking adventures.

Simon said...

"Papally anointed livestock" LOL.

Something about Catholicism and cows just cracks me up.