Friday, November 12, 2010

Everyone should have friends who live in Europe

I got this package from Rome the other day.

I've decided that if this whole ... unemployed ... thing doesn't work out for me, what I will do is open a store filled entirely with imported Italian wrapping paper. I considered not even opening these because I could not fathom the idea that anything inside might actually be BETTER than the wrapping paper which is of course the great danger of beautiful wrapping paper. When I did finally open them, I removed the tape very carefully and saved the paper. You scoff, but it will be of great artistic use to me some day. You'll see.


Anonymous said...

So - I have to assume that you did overcome your reluctance and eventually open the wrapping? Will there be a future post about the contents?

Simon said...

I did open them. Then I ate most of what was in them. (I should specify that what I ate was edible. I did not eat a souvenir shot glass or anything.) But I should take pictures of the rest. It was very exciting.