Friday, January 28, 2011

Sequence of Events

1. Doctor suggests I may not be getting enough salt.

2. I imagine myself being issued a medical imperative to incorporate Cheetos into my daily diet.

3. Doctor recommends drinking some V8.

4. I am sad.


Christi said...

wait... what? Low salt intake? SINCE WHEN IS THIS A BAD THING!!??!?

V8 tastes like ass.


Simon said...

I'm trying to make my way through half a cup right now. I did not want to agree with you... but wow. It's really yucky. I wouldn't mind if it just tasted like tomato juice, but it's lumpier, and it has this weird overtone of celery that is not pleasing. There must be tastier, or at least less disgusting, ways to get more sodium.

Also: Gatorade? Just as unappealing as when I was eight.

Pandora said...

Try soup. Lots of different kinds of soup have quite a lot of sodium - which is why they taste so good. If they're tomato based you could add a dab of V8 for good measure. At least the flavor would be disguised. Does the V8 fruit drink have a significant amount of sodium? Maybe that would taste better. If all else fails, I say go with the Cheetos diet.

Simon said...

Soup! That's such a good idea. I was having trouble thinking of anything that had a lot of sodium but was not so unhealthy I couldn't have it on a regular basis.

The fruity kinds of V8 have a lot less sodium. I checked. Vainly.

If all else fails I might have to install that salt lick. And one for guests, of course.