Friday, June 03, 2011

Sweet Succulents

Succulents are exceptionally easy to grow in southern California. They don't need much water, they're super hearty, and the way you grow more of 'em-- chop off a piece of another succulent, leave it on the table and wait for it to grow some roots.

This process was a mystery to me, until I asked a friend of mine how to grow succulents-- and in response, she went to her backyard, chopped off a bunch of bits and handed them to me. Good to know. And I lovingly waited for them to grow roots, and when they did, I planted the little munchkins in my dirt patch. And I waited. For about two months. And they looked the same the whole time. Still green, still rooting. Still chugging along.
And then this morning, the gardeners came.

And I can't express to you the extent of the devastation. My dirt patch was like a horror film. I had to dig the poor little bodies of my plants from under two inches of soil. Some of them chopped in half, some of them uprooted-- their new growth exposed to our harsh world for the first time. But I was so proud of them! My babies growing extra arms!
I reassembled them as best I could... here's hoping they survive their second replanting.
Good luck little guys-- I'm pulling for you.


Simon said...

What kind of "gardeners" would do such a thing?! Are you sure you didn't accidentally anger the mob? The violence seems more like their style.

Ivan said...

stop thinking "gardner" and start thinking "nazi with a weedwacker"