Monday, August 29, 2011


My camera has just returned from an extended vacation on Long Island. I was almost entirely unable to blog without it, so I'm very glad it's back. I hope it had a good time, but it's hard to tell what its expressions mean. All it ever really does is wink.

There are two photos my camera was holding hostage in its absence, that I wanted to post when I was posting about Vermont:

1. This is Henry VIII, formerly Hildegarde. Evidently chicks look gender-neutral for quite some time.

I'm Henery the eighth, I am.

2. These are three of Henry VIII's six cohabiting hens.

Something fascinating is happening stage left.

Henrygarde and the hens live at my cousin's house in Vermont, where they huddle in a quite spacious shelter, get their food delivered for free, and have access to excellent constellations. I am a bit jealous. The chickens have it better than I do.


Anonymous said...

plus they get gorgeous blonde women keeping them company and telling them how beautiful they are....

Anonymous said...

Wow, my chickens are Famous On The Internet!

He's not Henry the VIII anymore either. I got another batch so now he has 13 wives (half of them underage anywhere but Utah and Vermont).

He's also become quite protective and territorial, and frequently tries to shoo me away when I'm doing chores near the coop. So I've renamed him MAD KING GEORGE.

No more name changes, I promise. Unless I decide to call him "dinner".

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, this is different from all of the other anonymi (surely, that must be the plural, because anonymouses just seems so wrong!).

Glad you have your camera back, especially as no ransom was required. The chickens are awesome. I hope that Mad King George and his entourage all survived the perils of Irene without harm.

Simon said...

There ARE getting to be a lot of anonymouses, AREN'T THERE? If ONLY I could get you all to SIGN your NAMES on your CLEVER COMMENTS. Not that it drives me crazy or anything.